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Michigan Divorce, Spousal Support, and Mediation Lawyer

At the Gates Law Office, we are committed to the well-being of our clients and their families. When a first-time client comes to us for a free consultation regarding divorce, our first step is often to recommend counseling to help determine if divorce is the right step for them to take. This type of support also helps to lay the groundwork for healthier communication and cooperation throughout the process, which can make a divorce much easier for any children involved.

Comprehensive Asset Protection Strategies

Because we often handle divorce cases for high income individuals, we also recommend that clients immediately begin a thorough proactive evaluation and accounting of all personal and marital assets. We understand how and when to use Asset Injunctive Orders in order to protect your assets by:

  • Preventing savings, investment, or checking accounts from being drained
  • Stopping a spouse from removing you as a beneficiary on an insurance policy
  • Prohibiting the increase of marital debt such as the taking out of a home equity loan on a jointly owned property

Contact our Bloomfield Hills office today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us start work immediately to protect your assets and your future.

Effective Negotiation, Mediation, and Trial Representation

Our approach to resolving divorce and spousal support disputes is to encourage negotiation and mediation in an attempt to avoid a costly and contentious trial. We take reasonable steps to promote a fair settlement, including:

  • Pursuing settlement options in an informal setting
  • Official mediation
  • Aggressive and determined trial representation, when necessary

The right divorce lawyer will be focused on finding common ground. We work hard to find efficient and timely solutions to divorce, division of property, and spousal support issues.

Contact us today for a frank discussion of your options regarding divorce, asset division, and alimony. Find out how we can creatively tailor property and support settlements to fit your unique needs and goals.