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Child Custody And Parenting Time Arrangements

We believe that in any divorce, decisions involving children need to be considered with great care. The wrong choice regarding these sensitive matters can become incredibly difficult to correct. We are committed to educating our clients about child custody and support issues so that they will understand the options and potential consequences of each part of the process.

Custody and visitation disputes are perhaps the most emotionally stressful aspect of a divorce. At the Gates Law Office, we know that it is usually in the best interests of children for both parents to be involved in their lives and actively responsible for their well-being.

Developing Reasonable Child Custody Solutions

Throughout our history of success, we have helped families in Oakland County and across the state find reasonable solutions to child custody issues. Our attorney has stood as a firm advocate for shared economic responsibility and emotional support for children.

We also have considerable experience in resolving complex out-of-state visitation matters. Whether these issues arise during a divorce or afterwards, we can explain the requirements related to a relocation including developing a strategy to address custody changes.

What Factors Influence Child Support Awards?

The amount awarded for child support is determined by the court using the Michigan Child Support Formula and is based primarily on the average monthly income of the noncustodial parent and the number of children involved. Significant deviations from this formula may occur in the case of extraordinary medical needs, educational expenses, variable or irregular income from bonuses, etc.

At the Gates Law Office, we possess an in-depth understanding of the complicated issues involved in arriving at a fair child support agreement and will fight hard to protect the well-being and financial security of children involved in a divorce.

The Importance Of Sound Legal Assistance

It can be very complicated to fix a mistake during an initial divorce. Get things right the first time by speaking with our experienced family law attorney.

Call 248-862-6364 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation at our Bloomfield Hills office to get detailed answers and solid advice in your family law case.